Snaketric Edgy Earrings Gold Vermeil

Snaketric Edgy Earrings Gold Vermeil


Elegant and modern design, inspired by the 60s space-age chic.

18K Yellow God Plated (2 microns) polished sterling silver, set with yellow sapphires pave (round 1mm, 0.7 carat).

Dimensions: 45mm lenght; 14.52mm maximum width

Weight: 3 grams each


DO NOT CLEAN WITH CHEMICALS. Plating is more delicate than pure metals.  Wipe gently with a wet cloth to clean, avoid rubbing.

REMOVE AT NIGHT. This will reduce the extra rubbing to the skin. Also, wearing an item for 24 hours may cause unwanted reaction through dirt and sweat.

AVOID CHLORINE AND HOUSEHOLD CLEANING PRODUCTS. Remove when in the shower or when cleaning. Also do not wear when swimming, as chlorine can permanently damage the colour of the plating.

STORE LIKE METALS TOGETHER. Different metals will cause rapid tarnish when in contact together, so store them separately.

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